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How To Become A Nurse

If you would like to know how to become a nurse, look no further than Americare Technical School of Gurnee, IL. We have the approved and accredited courses you need to become a nursing assistant or a practical nurse. You will have the opportunity to take the nursing course of your choice for either a degree or a certificate in nursing. We are a technical school for nursing that offers some of the best nursing classes in the state. It is our mission to provide a conducive environment for the student to learn the science of nursing.


We are dedicated to the science of nursing and providing superior nursing courses. Our programs will prepare you for the nursing field and a rewarding career as a caregiver. We instill our core values of honesty, respect, dignity, and courage in every student. Once our students graduate, the next step is to take the state board exam to be a licensed nursing assistant or practical nurse. To enroll, go to our website at We have students from all around the area including Park Ridge, Chicago and all areas in between.  

When you have the desire to learn how to become a nurse, you are entering a field that can be very rewarding. Americare technical School of Gurnee, IL shares in that desire and helps students to achieve their dream of working in the nursing field. Having the dream to working in the nursing industry is a special calling.


Once you achieve your dream, you have a bright and promising future ahead of you. We want to help you achieve your goals so that you can be the best nurse that you can be. Contact us today through our website at or call us. Our representatives are waiting to assist you in any way that they can.

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